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Material: Glass, Water, Ethanol, Camphor
Color: Transparent, White
Size: 121mm x 64mm
Shape: Snowman
Application:  Predict the weather, can also be used as an art decoration.


– A transparent solution consisting of several chemical substances in a glass container. Because of climate change, the shape of a variety of crystal willhave a change.
– Because it is a kind of crystal, so its change is not fast, it will change with the weather slowly change. Can be free to place, please enjoy the changes in a favorite place.
– Although the crystal chemical reaction remains a mystery, but in the changes of the seasons, can feel the changes of wonderful beauty of the crystal is a pleasure.

Weather Display:
– To clarify, that the weather will be fine;
– Hazy, sometimes accompanied by precipitation, then the weather will be cloudy;
– Precipitation suspended, it indicates that the wet weather or frost;
– The suspension of precipitation and hazy liquid coexist, which indicates that the storm will come;
– In a sunny winter day, there is a suspension of liquid, which means that it will snow;
– In a warm day or in the winter, there is a large precipitation in the liquid, which indicates that it will be cloudy;
– In the bottom of the cup, there is a crystal, which indicates that it will frost;
– A spiral pattern on top of that, the wind will blow.

Package Included:
1 x Snowman Shape Weather Forecast Barometer

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